Activities Director Heather Dobbs


Activity Director Heather

Working here is a blessing. It's wonderful. The residents are great. I love it. We do many activities here. We do exercise every day. We do trivia to test our brains out. We do cards. They love Kings in the Corner. We also do horseshoes. We do bowling. We also go on walks to get that heart rate up after playing cards. We also do crafts all the time, beadwork, and jewelry making and things you can hang in your car and whatnot. We have a lot of people who come up here and do singing, guitar playing, and piano music. We have a group come in from the high school. They come up and they just chat with the residents. They learn about their lives and it's beneficial for both of them, both parties. We have a lot of fun here with the parties. We do love luaus and football parties for the Super Bowl. We do a resident Christmas party every year.