Admission Polices

We are able to accept residents that -

  • are ambulatory or non-ambulatory.
  • need assistance from canes or walkers.
  • need transportation for medical services.
  • are incontinent of bladder or bowel.
  • need assistance with bathing.
  • need assistance with dressing/grooming.
  • have other cognitive impairments.
  • may eventually require hospice care.
  • are wanderers.

We are not able to accept residents that -

  • need enemas, suppositories, and/or feces impaction removal.
  • intermittent positive pressure breathing machine use.
  • have active communicable tuberculosis.
  • have stage 3 and 4 pressure sores (dermal ulcers).
  • need gastrostomy care.
  • need naso-gastric tubes.
  • have staph infection or other serious infection.
  • have tracheotomies.

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